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Sportsbet Punters Club

The Sportsbet Punters Club is a fantastic way to share in the excitement of betting with your mates, and better still, you can do it directly from any mobile device.

Sportsbet Punters Club allows you to create a punting group where you can invite your mates, family, or anyone you want to get involved. Once invited, they can add funds to the group so that you can share your punting experience together.

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Online bookmaker Sportsbet has some wonderful betting products and the Sportsbet Punters Club is one of them. What’s more, it’s freely available on the Sportsbet mobile app.

Set Up a Punters Club

Maybe you’d like to set up a Punters Club to have a bet each weekend with your mates and then share the dividends at the end of the year. Setting up your club is easy.

Firstly you’ll need to establish the club rules you’ll all have to abide by, then decide how much and how often you want to bet. Once your rules are set, then it’s just a matter of inviting your mates!

Once everyone has joined, it is then time to have a bet! Whoever creates the club will have the first bet, and each member of the group will be notified by email or SMS when it is their turn to have a punt.

All group members have access to all details, including bets placed, on their club’s activity wall, plus you can banter here as well.

To get things going you will need a Sportsbet account, and so will your mates.

How to Join Sportsbet

Opening a new Sportsbet account is a very quick process. Join Sportsbet here now or click on the banner below to be taken to the Sportsbet landing page.

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Hit the ‘Join Now’ button and register a new account. It takes less than two minutes to register and then you’ll be ready to create your new Punters Club.

Create A Punters Club

Once you are a member, log in to Sportsbet and click the ‘Punters Club’ tab. From there, click on Create Club. Give your Club a name and create yourself a nickname.

Punters Club Rules

All clubs need rules, and a Punters Club is no different. Decide how much each member has to contribute and when you are going to bet. You’ll also need to work out how any winnings will be used within the group. Rules provide a structure for your club and assure everyone is on the same page.

Invite your Friends to Join

Once everything is set up, then it’s time to invite people to your exclusive club. You’ll be given an Invite Code when you create a Club, and you can send it to your mates via SMS or Email. The invite code can be entered on the same page where you created your club.

Time to Have a Bet!

Now that your punters club is created and all your friends have joined, it’s time to start betting. As the creator of the club, you get to bet first, so just click ‘Bet Now’ to check out the list of markets.

If your first bet is a winner, your winnings get deposited into everyone’s account. Then it’s time to hit the Activity Wall to let all your friends know good a punter you are. They’ll be happy about your bragging, at least this time, because it means you snared a winner. Each person will then get a bet until it returns to you in due course.

The Punters Club is available on the Sportsbet mobile app too.

How does Sportsbet Punters Club work?

Take a look at the below video to see how the Sportsbet Punters Club works. Then head over to Sportsbet and create your account and start your very own punters club right away!

Terms & conditions apply to all Sportsbet offers and they can found at their website.

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