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Sportsbet Cash Out

sportsbet cash outOne of the best sports and racing betting products for mobile betting is the Sportsbet Cash Out option which is available at online bookmaker Sportsbet.

Cash Out gives you the opportunity to get an early return on your bet before the Match or Event finishes. Once you place a bet at Sportsbet, you will be offered a Cash Out figure immediately after placing your bet.

The amount offered will go up and down depending on the situation of the match or event. Your odds fluctuate as the chances of your bet increases and decreases.

Any bet you place pre-live can be cashed out online. You can also Cash Out live bets over the phone (13BETS) or via Bet Live on Sportsbet Mobile.

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How is the Cash Out value determined?

Once your bet is placed the Sportsbet Cash Out value is calculated right then and there. That value is created from many factors that will be unique to your bet.

Cash Out value factors include:

  • Your bet, the event, the selection
  • Bet stake amount, Odds at time of bet
  • Current price at the time of the Cash Out

Cash Out lets you take charge of your betting, and you can ensure a guaranteed profit on your winning bet.

How to place a Sportsbet Cash Out bet

cash out iconThe Cash Out icon will alert you to a Cash Out event or market.

Ensure that the event or betting market has the Cash Out symbol visible when you decide to place a bet on any sports or racing event.

Once you have added your selection to your bet slip, a Cash Out icon should be visible next to the selection.

Only actual Sportsbet funds in your account can finalise a Cash Out bet. Bonus Bets are unable to be used for this bet type as it will remove the feature from the bet slip.

A Sportsbet Cash Out amount will be offered straight after you place your bet.

Cash Out availability

Sportsbet Cash Out can only be used during an event if it was offered at the time of placing your bet and it is being live traded.

The Cash Out feature is unavailable if the market is suspended during play, or if suspended by the Sportsbet trading team before play resulted but not yet settled, or made unavailable for betting.

For Example: Assuming you placed live 5 leg multi. If the 4th leg has been resulted but not settled, Cash Out won’t be available even though there is still one more leg remaining. As soon as the 4th leg has been settled, Cash Out should again become available.

Head to Head Example: Assuming you placed a head to head bet without live odds. If you placed your bet before the event, but the event or market is not Live traded, you are unable to Cash Out once the event gets underway.

Where can I Cash Out my Bet?

Cashing out your bet is quite easy and can be done via Desktop, Mobile, or through Phone Betting on 13BETS.

How to Cash Out on a Desktop

Learn how to use Sportsbet Cash Out on desktop on the following video.

How to Cash Out on a Mobile Device

Find out how to use Sportsbet Cash Out on desktop on the following video.

How to Cash out your Mobile Live Bets

1- Head to the Live Event page or hit the Bet transaction history, and change the dropdown box to ‘Pending’.
2- Choose the Cash Out bet and check the details, then hit the green Cash Out button to send a call to the Sportsbet Phone Betting Team.
3- The Sportsbet representative will require identification along with your bet details and will read your bet Cash Out value back to you.
4- Confirm with YES, if correct, and make sure confirmation is carried out before hanging up, else the exchange will not be processed.

Cash Out Pre-Live on your iPhone

1- Log in to your Sportsbet account and hit the More Image icon in the screen’s bottom right hand corner.
2- Hit Bet Transaction History, then change the dropdown box to Pending
3- Choose the Cash Out bet and ensure all details are correct.
4- Activate by hitting the green Cash Out button to review your Cash Out value and then hit Confirm.
5- Your bet will be cashed out, and a confirmation message will show on screen.

Cash Out pre-live bets on your Android Mobile

1- Log in to your Sportsbet account then hit the Menu Image icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.
2- Hit Pending Bets and then select the Cash Out bet.
3- Make sure all details are correct before tapping the Cash Out button.
4- View your Cash Out value and hit Confirm to activate.
5- Your bet will be cashed out, and a confirmation message will show on screen.

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